Expedition Fishbait: Exploring the Broken Islands

Expedition Fishbait: Exploring the Broken Islands Group off Vancouver Island, May 2001

Welcome to the official journal of Expedition Fishbait. An expedition sanctioned by the Royal Anarcho-Geographic Society of Newfoundland (RAGSN). On May 11, 2001, five brave explorers gathered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and made preparations to explore the Broken Islands Group, Barkley Sound on the west coast of Vancouver Island, part of the Pacific Rim National Park. Follow their journey as recorded in the journal kept by Private Dups. No part of this chronicle has been changed except to protect the innocent. Any resemblance to individuals alive or dead is quite on purpose.

From the cover of the Chronicle:

“If you have unearthed this Chronicle it is the story of five brave and hearty souls who journeyed far and wide in search of adventure. Follow us on a tale of woe, joy, deceit, treachery, mutiny and wonder: EXPEDITION FISHBAIT.”

  • “Admiral Fishbait” Haseena Majeed(Expedition Leader)
  • Commander Aaron McKim(Chief Navigator and Special Ops)
  • Corporal Santhi Murthy(Quartermaster and Brewmeister)
  • Major Dave Arenillas(Chief Engineer and Communications Officer)
  • Private Duleepa “Dups” Wijayawardhana (Flag Bearer and Chronicler)

May 12-May 21, 2001

The Broken Islands Group is on the West Coast of Vancouver Island south of Tofino. The islands are sheltered in Barkley Sound and most people canoe or kayak in between them. There are six camp sites on the larger islands which makes it easy to hop from area to area. Whilst most of the kayaking/canoeing can be down in sheltered waters, there are several large channels where the weather and tides can make a big difference. The map below points out the various islands where we camped. Even a week long trip cannot possibly give enough time to visit all the islands (especially if you are relative inexperienced).


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