Day 1: Gibralter Island

Day 1 – Sunday

7am Sunday — We wake up. No animals ate us last night. Flag Bearer was pleased to discover a fully-equipped outhouse.

11:30am Sunday (written Tuesday 7:30am) — Boarded the ferry to Sechart. Despite attempts by the Quartermaster Santhi to decapitate the flag bearer with her sandals (falling in her attempt) the intrepid and tired crew did pack camp and board the ferry only 1.5 hours late. PS. Rum makes good coffee in the morning, unfortunately it tasted cottony from Aaron’s sock. At least we think it was cotton…

3pm Sunday — Left Sechart and rounded the corners of Canoe Island on our way to Gibraltar Island. Weather was calm, as was the glassy ocean. No major structural problems to the craft except for a weak rudder cable on the “DupsiDavie” which was caught before leaving Sechart. No foul play was discovered but it might be a conspiracy to stop Private Dups and Major Dave from singing. Only the days ahead will tell.

4:30 pm Sunday — Landed and set-up quick camp on Gibraltar Island. Fishing tackle was found and the expedition leader Haseena was hell bent on bringing back dinner in the form of at least a 10lb fish. Unfortunately with the help of Chief Navigator and the pathetic help of the Private (drifting in the single) no such luck was had. Luckily the Quartermaster and the Major had already planned to feed us as per normal or things might have gone awry.

7:30pm Sunday — Our first supper on the Broken Islands was a smash – Spanish Rice. Kudos to the cooks. The sixth man of the crew is discovered on the island. We have all been feeling this presence. His body lies in the kitchen area and is named “Stumpy”. He’s a “happy” fellow with an attachment to please. The major covered him up for propriety’s sake.

10pm Sunday — Off to sleep; early night. There is no mistaking the sounds from the Major/Private’s tent: The “orgasmatron” is put to use.


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