Day 4: Turret Island

Day 4 – Wednesday

9:30am Wednesday — We all awake on Turret Island. We haven’t been eaten by animals yet – or by each other.

10am – 11:30am — We chat with the other kayakers on the island (three women) who have built a fire. We tell them that we will keep it going all day till they come back from their day trip around the islands. We are pleased that the day appears to be calm and some blue skies. We all needed a reprieve from the day before.

11:30am — We get the fire going. The Quartermaster was at first ambitiously planning some baking, but as hunger sets in, some granola and milk is served. The fire is sputtering but alive.

1:30pm – 2:30pm — It is nice and sunny and dry. It is good to finally get our clothes dry. Our sleeping bags are set outside – Life is good. But we must go get the water we left behind today. We get ready to set out – two doubles, Santhi will stay to keep the fire going which keeps sputtering.

3:30pm — We set out. The seas are surging. We battle the current back to our portage point and retrieve the water in Operation H20 Liberation. Unfortunately the crows had pecked holes in two of the containers. I hope we will have enough water to last. As we turn around the rain sets in. The area looks much more familiar. But as quick as it comes, by the time we land on our beach front property, the rain is gone again. Dups immediately strips to his swimming trunks and jumps into the ocean. Everyone is aghast. It’s no colder than swimming in Three Pond Barrens though. Aaron and Dave join him snorkeling and wondrous sea treasures are found and photographed.

4:30pm – 5pm — Expedition Fishbait Flag is made by Santhi out of a tea towel. Dups adds the content with everyone’s help. We are joined by two more kayakers who braved hail and also portaged where we did. Aaron and Dups rescue lots of driftwood and Aaron begins to split wood with his bare hands.

6pm — I think island fever is finally setting in, Santhi is convinced we are in a Winnie the Pooh movie. Aaron is Tigger, Haseena is Rabbit, Dave is Christopher Robbins, Santhi is Piglet, and yours truly – the Pooh meister himself.

8:30pm — Sun setting, fire flaming strongly, the final three kayakers join us for warmth and wine. Today was a good day. Adventure begins again tomorrow.

Wednesday Postscript — Aaron’s coffee sock is thrown out. We will use Dave’s white handkerchief instead. Dave is so excited he can barely speak.

Fortune Cookies (given out on Wednesday)

Haseena – Expedition Leader
“Do something nice for yourself first week of next month for yourself”

Santhi – Quartermaster
-No fortune

Aaron – Chief Navigator
“Endless possibilities lie in front of you”

Dave – Engineer
“A friend will give you a gift.”

Dups – Flag Bearer
“Wednesday is the day to make your move.”

PS. That night Dups gave his friend Dave the Orgasmatron who then passed in on to Aaron who
saw endless possibilities in front of him and whence he gave to Haseena who then did something pleasurable
for herself the next month. Santhi shook her head in disbelief.


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