Day 7: Not quite Surfin’ in Tofino

Day 7 – Saturday

8:30am — We all wake up, no one has been eaten by animals or by each other. This is probably because half our camp snores. We must sound like a plane about to take off. Never mind. It is beautifully sunny for our last day here.

1:30pm — An hour late, but with winds picking up, we are finally on our last paddle to Sechart. We get a chance to surf the waves almost all the way back to civilization.

4pm – 3am — We are changed and back at Torquart Bay and on our return trip through the road from hell (at least for the Neon). We have decided we need a bit of pampering. We are now bound for Tofino to find a bed and breakfast to finish our trip. After many hours of driving through Tofino (many many times) we end up all staying in a cabin/house with a hot tub. We also found the bakery Linda, Tina and Janet had suggested and ate supper. So with a few beer, a very relaxing tub and finally hot showers, the merry and intrepid crew ended their expedition. We have conquered all the challenges set before us: rain, cold, waves, wind, smelly clothes, Vancouver driving and Tofino. We still remain the best of friends and the merriest of groups. This tale has come to an end.

Duleepa “Dups” Wijayawardhana
Chronicler – Expedition Fishbait
7:30am, Tofino, British Columbia, Sunday, May 20, 2001


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