Kilimanjaro Day 4: Moshi

Monday Sept 29th.

Moshi, Tanzania

We are supposed to start the climb today but we cannot. We are all exhausted after that grueling drive from Dar. We sent an e-mail, explored Moshi and started getting ready for the climb. We met an American living in Nairobi who had just completed the climb. He’s training for a marathon and in his words, Kili was the “hardest thing” he had ever done.

We also discovered “Tusker” — a rather lovely lager which was apparently named after the elephant that killed one of the founders of the brewery! We have supper that night at Springlands and I have some horrid avocado dish. (Keep a tracl of this comment… it would haunt me for the next 4 days…)

I finally pack. Aaron and Santhi have brought a small dispensary. I’ve decided to take Jeff’s jacket as opposed to my winter jacket — I should have enough layers for the trip. Chris and I are sharing a room. Morning will take us to Kili.


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