Kilimanjaro Day 6: Shira

Wednesday October 1

Day 2 — Machame Camp (3100m) to Shira Camp (3800m)

Only 700m up but as with the next few days it’s up higher and then down to sleep. I felt really crappy — stomach is upset. Victor informs me that our party to get us up this mountain numbers 26 (porters/guides and cooks). Amazing.

The climb is steep and as the day wears on I am getting weaker and vomiting. Oswald takes my day pack for part of the hike (about 3rs just before and after lunch). I’m on re-hydration salts. We figure it might be the avocado at Springlands Hotel. Sujji is similarly suffering, but from diarrhea! Sigh. By the end of the day we reach Shira Plateau and we can see Kibo now. It’s closer, glaciers and all, but seems so far away. The vegetation is more pygmied and very different. Aaron tried to squat in the outhouse at Shira and on getting up is hit by his first severe attack of an AMS headache. Both he and I go on diamox. Even now I wonder if that was not a mistake. My resting heart rate is over 100 beats/min. It’s cold tonight and getting colder.


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