Kilimanjaro Day 7: Barranco

Thursday October 2nd

Day 3 — Shira Camp (3800m) to Barranco Camp/Wall (3900m) by way of Lava Tower (4600m)

This is our first day of really high altitude. I am feeling so much better this morning and was now hoping the stomach sickness is passed. Sujji is now on Cipro (antibiotic) and hopefully getting better. As we climb higher we’re getting into a slow rhythm and I am not suffering any headaches. Yay. After lunch we decide that Lava Tower is a good idea.

Colin is now lagging behind a good deal. He is starting out earlier and taking really slow steps. I am worried that taking such a slow pace might be exposing him to a greater danger of hypothermia. We do make Lava Tower (I was first up) and I have no ill effects, in fact, I felt great.

Gong down we have to wait for Sujji, Aaron and Victor. Sujji has decided to go rock climbing. I am getting cold. Not moving and having only 2 layers on I am shivering quite forcibly. Santhi notices and gives me an extra layer — thank god.

We make Barranco Wall early in he evening. The outhouse here is quite filthy: People seem to keep missing the rather large and obvious hole. Chris and I stop the practice of taking our boots into the tent at night. After supper my stomach sickness returns with a vengeance. I now have diarrhea — really badly. Santhi suggests waiting till the morning before I go on Cipro. Late in the night I have to make a mad mad dash for the outhouse for you know what. Sigh.

The Barranco Breach Wall is amazing and we’d be scrambling up that the next morning. It promises to be the best part of the hike provided I am well.


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