Kilimanjaro Day 8: Karanga

Friday October 3rd.

Day 4 — Barranco Camp (3900m) to Karanga Valley (4000m) via Barranco Wall (4200m)

I am feeling really bad. I cannot eat, I am now on Cipro. My body is rebelling against whatever bacteria has taken residence inside me. I let Aaron know privately to keep an eye out for me today. It would not be pretty — it would be sheer willpower that gets to the end of the day. They are now calling Colin “Kifaru” or the “Black Rhino” for his slow and steady pace.

We head up Barranco and onto Karanga Valley. The last bit up Karanga is sheer murder for me, I have never felt so exhausted and outright sick. Every step is a force of will but eventually I make it. I immediately retire to my tent and Aaron brings me some lunch. Same with supper. I really want to get over this sickness — it’s not even AMS though I am sure it is having an effect on me. Sujji is better and the next day will be very hard — up to Barafu, short rest and then summit attempt.

We do find out that one of the guys from the British team has been air-lifted by chopper to Nairobi. He had been suffering from a really bad case of AMS. Everyone else seems to be doing fine including our group. Still worried about Colin.


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