Kilimanjaro Day 9: Barafu

Saturday October 4th

Day 5 — Karanga Valley (4000m) to Barafu Huts (4600m)

We make Barafu in record time — by lunch. It’s great we broke this last bit in two. With my sickness, I doubt I could have made it to Barafu in one day from Barranco. I am feeling well enough to make a summit attempt. Barafu Huts is filthy. The outhouses are for the most part overflowing and people have used the rocks. At that height with no water at camp it is not good. My bowels seem to be better.

Colin gets caught in the rain and is hypothermic, we suggest that he not try for the summit as he has a fever and is having real trouble getting warmed up. I am increasingly worried and disappointed the whole crew is try for the summit. We try to get some sleep and get ready for a summit attempt — layers, balaclava, -40 socks — yay.


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