Kilimanjaro Day 11: Mweka

Monday October 6th

Day 7 — Millenium Camp (3400m) to Mweka Gate (1800m)

This is the last day of this incredible hike. We descend quickly passing the high forests into the verdant and lush cloud forest. Chris and I remember that Craig Welsh had wanted to duke it out on Kilimanjaro for the right to be the best man at his wedding. So we have a “duel” with our walking sticks. He injures me by drawing blood on my hand. I retire gracefully admitting defeat.

At the gate we all sign off and I give Victor my poles as a gift. I hope he will use them on his trip to South America. Already I am beginning to seriously think an assault on Aconcagua would be doable in 2 years time. We get into vans and arrive in Springlands Hotel by 3pm. On the way Kifaru decides to drive the van much to our hilarity! He is our super-hero — the Black Rhino! At night we have supper at the Impala Hotel — supper is nice but they manage to run out of rice. How odd. That’s like going to McD’s and them running out of buns.

We also meet Tom Kwia who would have led Victor — he was the lead guide for the CTV trip and I had requested him as well, however he has been sick with a respiratory illness.

Oh regarding Tips. All the tips seem to go over fine except for the tips for the two asst. guides who joined us for summit day. They wanted to be tipped for the entire 7 days. I refused. We paid them for the one day they worked and were seen by us. I am thoroughly disappointed in the tipping system — this should be formalized.

We also discovered that they had booked the safari for 8 so Colin decides to join is for the next few days. We say goodbye to Sinead and the other British crew, we hope they will keep in contact with is. They are a fun bunch.


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