Kilimanjaro Day 14: Zanzibar

Thursday October 9th

Arusha (morning) — Zanzibar Stone Town (afternoon)

We do all sorts of shopping in Arusha in the morning. I find this old guy who is a rather interesting character sitting outside his shop carving.

In the afternoon we all go to the Arusha airport to go to Zanzibar. Colin will join us if there is space. It’s an interesting experience as they take our bags and calculate our weight (this is one time you don’t want to multiply by the wrong number!). We find out the reason shortly — we will be flying on a very little cessna – just the 8 of us and the pilot. The pilot, on hearing about Kifaru’s flying experience invites Colin to the cockpit to be his co-pilot. It is a very cool flight, we see Kilimanjaro from the air.

We arrive in Zanzibar in the afternoon and plan on going to this neat restaurant called “Sambusa – Two Tables”, It’s got two tables, and is in someone’s house, their 10 year-old kid is watching “Fists of Fury” as we go through the living room to the outside patio where the tables are set up. There is no menu – very neat. This was a dining experience with the family’s children even dancing for us.

All of us (minus Mike, Aaron and Santhi) go out to a night club that night and dance to cheesy eighties music — even Chris! Barafu seems a million miles away. We’ve convinced Mike that Chris and I get up at 3am to practice singing. On returning to the room late that night, Chris and I stand over Mike’s bed to give a rather stirring rendition of “I Feel Pretty”.


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