Kilimanjaro Day 16: The Journey Home

Saturday October 11th

The Journey Home?

We all prepare to leave in the morning. Our 15 min flight from Zanzibar to Dar is at 12:30. We are about to leave the hotel when on a whim I ask Sujji about her ticket. We are flabbergasted to see she’s actually flying a day later! This is very shocking. We re-book her flight to Dar for the next day, Colin plans to spend the next day with Sujji. Hopefully all will be okay (Ed. Note – Sujji did in fact make it back to Canada, as did Colin).

The rest of us head on for the flight back. What more can I say. The vacation was marvellous — not perfect by any means but the camaraderie, the achievement — all unbelievable.

I sit on my flight from London to Calgary and I close a chapter — my dream to summit Kilimanjaro. I have done it, but more importantly, I have done it with the best of friends.

I can say — “Been there, done that, got the t-shirt and the frostbite”.

Here’s to Aconcagua 2006.


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