Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) – November 19, 2004

I will never live in Los Angeles. I make this statement after only visiting the airport. Yikes!

Plus this city stinks.

Marc, his friend Craig and I had this conversation about Edmonton just after they had moved here. Marc claims Edmonton smells bad. I must be immune or accustomed to the smell, but LA definitely stinks.

Sigh and I’ve screwed up getting Chris Myrick his bottle of scotch. Oh why in God’s green earth did I think LAX would be a modern Airport with Duty Free stuff everywhere, clean hallways, comfortable seats? Going from Vancouver International Terminal to LAX is like descending a staircase into a certain circle of hell!

And while I believe security must be tight, the lines here are amazing. I once thought the lines at Walt Disney World were long ñ- no longer. And at least then it was to be pummelled in a rollercoaster by Mickey and Co.

If this is the first impression of LA that an outsider sees ñ wow. And I assume the haze outside is just rain. If that’s smog I wonder why everyone isn’t wearing masks.



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