Air Asia Flight to Kota Kinabalu

Mike asks a good question:

“Why are all the (male) flight attendants wearing makeup???”

What have we gotten ourselves into? Apparently not having learned the lessons of ZanAir and PrecisionAir in Tanzania, we have continued the RAGSN traditions of choosing dodgy airlines. In this case AirAsia.

The story so far…

Had a great night’s sleep and woke up fresh to pack and prepare for the next week and a half. Our goal was to leave the house at or before 10am. This we managed, though at the time it was starting to look unpromising. Chris had lost his house keys. Lisa had already left for work. Off to a fine start we were.

Finally we actually left in a rather clandestine manner through the basement leaving it unlocked.

2:30pm November 22, 2004. Air Asia Flight to Kota Kinabalu

To be honest, the journey to Johore Baru was not only completely uneventful, it was an example of S’pore’s fantastic and cheap transit system. A quick cab ride (~11 SGD), followed by a comfortable bus ride (~2.50 SGD) we were at the border.

We cleared Malaysian customs and immigration in record time. The custom’s officials pushed me away despite my insistence I be searched.

Next up was the cab ride to Sennai Airport for our slight to Kota Kinabalu. Cost? 90 RM ñ the actual cost of a single person’s flight to KK on AirAsia. I think we were had. Where is the Black Rhino (Colin)??

Sennai Airport is small but comfortable; ultimately it is 20 times better than LAX. Really.

The plane is 40 mins late or as the announcer said “Retard”. After a brief discussion between the three of us we decided that, while in North America it would have different connotations, the use of “retard” in this sense was sound in the English language. In fact we decided this meant that the three of us were in Sennai Airport, Malaysia and retarded.

Off to KK.

~2:45pm November 22, 2004. Air Asia Flight to Kota Kinabalu

Mike attempts to move his seat back. Apparently AirAsia comes in a “fixed” seat configuration with only a recline button attached to tempt the weary traveller. He pounds on his seat it will not budge. I hope the flight controls are not similarly “fixed”. Oh well.


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