Mt. Kinabalu Park

~10pm November 22, 2004. Mt Kinabalu Park

Arriving at KK, I am very surprised. Terminal 2 in KK is pretty much a small house. Immediately we hire a taxi for 150 RM and head off to Mt. Kinabalu Park. Chris, Mike and I all need to get cash. In the back of my mind I’m thinking about Andrew’s blog which I had read before leaving where he had said how he had had great difficulty finding a bank machine that worked in KK. The two we tried didn’t work. As it was getting late, we decide to motor on.

This was a mistake.

Regardless we arrive at the park and find Andrew all settled in. It is good to see Andrew. Apparently he has avoided being married off to 14-year-olds, gained new appreciation for arranged marriages and was looking none the worse for wear.

The place they’ve put us up in is amazing. This is luxury in the tropics. For crying out loud we have two floors, a fireplace, a kitchen. Did I saw amazing? To top it all off we decide to go to supper at the fanciest restaurant in the park. Honestly we could have been in Canada. Mind you they were playing Simon and Garfunkel on strings. Yay.

In a sign of things to come, the Visa at the restaurant doesn’t work. We gather a ton of RM to pay for dinner.

Tomorrow we head off to the mountain yet we are unsure we have enough cash for the mountain. Hmmm.


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