13,272.7m ASL. Laban Rata Guesthouse

5pm November 23, 2004. 13,272.7m ASL. Laban Rata Guesthouse.

This morning was a morning from hell. Mike has sworn bodily vengeance against the province of Sabah, Malaysia. We have discovered a serious shortage of cash. Maybe we should have brought a colour printer and made our own. Or perhaps, Malaysia was starting to switch to a barter economy.

  1. Sutera who arrange the lodging has a working Visa machine.
  2. We need 500RM or 150USD which is all we have.
  3. Sutera is 50ft from the Sbah Park Office which has no Visa machine.
  4. Sutera cannot take Visa for Sabah Park (“Different companies, sir, we cannot”)
  5. Sutera cannot give us a cash advance as the park cannot people cannot collect enough cash for us. Their own cash transfer hasn’t arrived yet.
  6. We want to climb other peaks and now need special permission from another office… you cannot call them.
  7. We drive 10 mins to Kundasan ATM — out of order (What is up with this place)
  8. Mike “loses” his wallet (only a panic for 30 mins we did find it again).

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