Mt. Kinabalu Summit

1:45am November 24, 2004 Laban Rata Guesthouse

The intrepid crew gets ready for the final hike to the summit.

We have managed to ìsleepî through pitched battles of rats in the ceiling. Andrew has no food, he has had no sleep. I assure him he will be useful as fodder for the wolves. Mike is feeling better. I assure him that we can use Andrew as fodder.

Chris is still a bastard.

We have no food. I refuse to share my cache.

9am November 24, 2004 Laban Rata Guesthouse

Woo Hoo. We’ve made it down. It turns out that Andrew wasn’t fodder. Chris was. We have accomplished half of a RAGSN High Altitude Rescue without the aid of Drs. McKim.

Chris is now taped up and all ready. Too bad I would have loved to do some primitive sutures.

The climb was awesome. Megan, Mike and I reached the summit around 5am and the sun rowser at 5:45. See photos. I took an extended way down and ended up carrying Chris backpack too. Chris has hurt his knees.

Now to Poring (well first to descend with our resident gimp, then to Poring).

PS. Today is Megan’s 23rd birthday!


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