Poring Hot Springs

9am November 25, 2004 Poring Hot Springs

The descent to Timpohon Gate was by far one of the most brutal I have ever done. I do not remember it being so difficult. Maybe my 15-year-old knees could take more than this. Having said that, the five of us descended in 3 hours with me running the last half km as I had finally given up trying to carefully tread down the steps. Obviously all four of us guys are feeling like creaking old men.

I have decided to name our guide Junious Lambayo the ìInvisible Manî. I am not sure how a guide can manage to become invisible, but Junios sure did the impossible. Naturally we didn’t bother tipping him. I don’t tip ghosts!

After a celebratory Stella at the Park HQ (where again a working Visa machine had to be searched for to take Chris’ Visa) we headed to Poring. On the way we finally used an ATM which was 1) in service and 2) had cash 3) could contact our banks. Halleluah!

So far at Poring we’ve visitied the hot springs, which are mostly inidividual tubs that you need to fill yourself. Unfortunately for Chris and Andrew (who bothered) the tubs tended to be of the slow filling, fast draining variety. Our mathematical calculations led us to believe that one of those tubs would be filled by the coming year. Certainly in our lifetime. But not that evening.

Dinner was a happy, if drawn out affair. We celebrated Megan’s birthday and were served beer by 4 year olds (Bali Hai Lager). The food (Tropicana Coffeehouse and Restaurant) was excellent but with only one cook looked like a 3-hour wait for our food. Not fast food by any stretch, but we wern’t complaining.

Looks like a canopy work, descent into Bat caves and then hitting KK by evening!


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