James Bond Island

~11pm November 29, 2004 Karon Guesthouse, Phuket

The RAGSN part of this trip is about to end for me. Tomorrow morning the group splits up. I stay to do some whitewater rafting and some elphant trekking. Keli flies to Singapore, Chris flies to Bangkok. Mike and Andrew leave for Krabi for climbing. All-in-all a very successful vacation so far and I am sad to not have more time spend with my former Kili group of Chris, Mike and Keli. Though hopefully I will see Keli on Wednesday night.

Right back to recording our misadevntures. No more molly-coddling of the facts.

Sunday we all decided to take a package tour to Phang Nga Bay or as the brochure proudly stated “The James Bond Tour”. I wonder how many places om the world have a “James Bond Tour”. Phang Nga Bay contains an island which was the location of Scaramanga’s lair in “The Man With The Golden Gun”. It was odd to be on a packaged tour, but with only 3 days (2 for Keli) there was no time to set private tours or haggle greatly. Oh well.

Our first stop on the tour was the Monkey Temple. A temple created out of natural caves — very interesting. However we are sorely missing beer. We vow to get beer at this next stop, which we do. Everyone else loads up on coke and sprite while the Newfoundland group stocks up on a couple dozen beer cans.

The second stop was to load onto “Long Tail” bots to go into Phang Nga Bay. The bay contains odd islands which are right out of a chinese watercolour painting. It is a National Park, a worl Heritage Site and truly interesting and cool. As we try to skirt and island, rain settles in. We could watch the rain clouds/mist come over the islands draping them in a flowing grey cloak.

The stark and distinctive islands started to take sinister shapes. We pulled into a natural vave for protection from the wind. Very cool. Leave it to a bunch of Newfoundlanders to get caught in a storm on the Andaman Sea. Arr.

“James Bond Island” — itself is fascinating and tacky — there is no question why the cinematographers chose this location. Keli tries to pretend she is the Thing from the Blue Lagoon when she gets stuck in the mud. The four of take a ton of photos at her expense. What a chivalrous bunch of lads!

Next stop (and final) was the Muslim Village, which is built on stilts over the water in Phang Nga Bay. Very Very Cool.


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