LAX, Again, Sigh.

12pm December 7, 2004 LAX Tom Bradley International Terminal

Right. 24 hours of flying done and now I’m in smoggy, miserable Los Angeles. Hmm. After my time in Changi Airport or any of the numerous airports I’ve had the pleasure of walking through, LAX is still a shit airport. Oh well. Might be slightly better than Terminal 2 in Kota Kinabalu of course.

Let’s see, flight to Singapore was uneventful and sleepy. Flight to Narita/Tokyo was incredibly bumpy, and sleepy. The highlight of that flight was coming into Narita on a clear sunset over Tokyo. In the distance rose the majestic and lonesome Mt. Fuji. A very young Mt. Kilimanjaro I suspect. Why do I get the feeling I will be scaling that sometime in the future if I can help it!

The flight to LA was shorter by an hour due to the jet stream being kind. Personally I’d much rather have spent an extra hour on Singapore Airlines than an extra hour in LAX.

So now I’ve changed clothes (thankfully) switched from sandals to shoes and wait for Air Canada. I’m sipping Sam Adams and waiting for my lunch. Mmm.

Of course I can’t help but think back on this odyssey of a trip. It’s certainly hard to compare with the Africa trip of last year. It’s almost like comparing apples and oranges. I certainly think I am more relaxed returning on this trip. My mum’s cooking likely helped. Phuket also help calm me down.

Some things I’m remembering. I forgot to report on my marital status remarks from the various receptions. I actually lost count of the number of times and the number of people who kept coming up to me and saying things like…

“So this is a rehearsal for you?”
“Rehearsal?” I said naively the first time.
“Yes, for your wedding!”


“So you’re next?” (Very common).

“You should marry a nice Sri Lankan girl…” (This conversation usually led to badness).

“Are you single now?” (I could see the calculations of the persons cousins etc that would be foisted on me in this conversation).

“I know this girl…” (Obvious).

“When are you coming back for your wedding?” (Sigh).

“Wow, you’re looking good, you should get married now while you have all your hair, unlike your brother” (My favourite).

I actually lost count after the seventh such comment in a 20 min period on Monday. Even the wedding helpers were asking me including the driver I hired and people I had only met that day for the first time. Do I have a f%&^% “Marry Me Off” tattoo on my forehead?

Just talked to Craig Welsh in NF. Apparently Mike has made it back okay. Chris has posted some photos already. I guess it’s 4 hrs and on my way home.

Gosh I can’t wait.


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