Germany breaks through Polish defence: June 14 (Wednesday)

According to my friend Craig Welsh the above headline appeared in a number of online sites. You wonder “What?!? Did we suddenly rewind back to 1939?” No, this was the World Cup 2006, Germany versus Poland. For me it was a slow day of relaxing and visiting Schloss Charlottenburg. The evening was to be spent at a Biergarten watching the impending battle of the neighbouring countries.

The Biergarten itself was huge and in the middle of two buildings, as if the garden was placed into a burned out or bombed out building. Outside a giant screen showed a couple hundred Berliners (not the jelly doughnuts) the game. I attempted to show my grace in getting a “Kartoffel Salat mit Broetchen”in front of a rather cute girl we had been chatting with. Of course, I proceeded to dump the plate quite spectacularly in a shower of potatoes as it was handed to me.

The game was exciting, and made even more so by being surrounded by a few hundred German fans. Late and into injury time Germany scored, bringing the fans forward like a jolt of electricity.


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