Spiders Ahoy!: 21 July 2006 (Friday)

I have no fear of spiders. I do not like snakes. Sarah, however, is deathly afraid of spiders. Why am I writing about spiders? To quote Scott: “There are more spiders in our Gir than in the movie Arachnophobia.” Going to sleep I had no idea of this problem. Today though, I was beginning to become a lot more paranoid. They were everywhere, crawling on the roof and on our clothes and yet we have no idea where they were coming from. At this very moment Scott is trying to come up with a plan. On a 1mx1m area of wall I can count twelve spiders. Sarah, by the way, is freaking. If she were in our Gir, she would probably be running down the road for UB.

Outside spiders, our day has been fairly sedate for once. We have serenaded the birthday girl Jargalan a couple times. We climbed an extinct volcano, ran into the same tourists we keep running into, reconnoitered and discovered where the cute Australian girls were staying, wandered around a gigantic sinkhole and walked about in some lava flow caves. The lava fields here are massive and supposedly there are 32 volcanoes in the area, all from a violent million years ago.

Momentarily I will be going horse-back riding with Scott, Mieko, Sarah and possibly Steve. We’ll take a pass at meeting the Australians. This can only end in Madness – which is why we brought a bottle of it with us.


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