Around the world in 58 days: 04 August 2006 (Friday)

What had begun as a simple idea to achieve a relatively simple dream has finally come to an end. I have travelled through seven countries from London through to Shanghai. Friday in Shanghai began rather inauspiciously. After I said goodye to Chris, Lisa and their unborn daughter, the taxi was caught up in an unexpected traffic jam. As it turned out, China’s crazy driving had claimed some more victims. Three trucks and vans had collided on the highway. Scott, you’ll be saddened to hear that in this case the bodies were still lying on the road as we drove past. A grizzly sight just before setting off for home and a reminder of the gamble we play with our mortal coils.

Nevertheless, I made my flight on time and have made it all the way to Seattle. I am waiting for my final flight home to Edmonton and Canada. Naturally my passport was flagged at US Immigration this time – one way return from China and all those countries does beg some questioning. I suspect the same will happen in Edmonton (note: typing this a few weeks later, no one raised an eyebrow as I went through the Canadian border). Overall though, the American immigration officers were fantastic, courteous and nice.

This truly has been an epic journey. I have also had a sort of epiphany on this journey back to Canada. After every epic journey you must return to your home, or at least the place from where you started. It is in the return that the lessons and the stories of your journey start to make sense. For this and so many other reasons I am craving to get home. The flight is boarding, and so ends this journal.


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