Branching out on my own

I’ve tinkered with being self-employed before. When I was working at Memorial University just after finishing my degrees a friend of mine and I formed a company to do side work (called DigitalRnD). Later in life I took side projects and side contracts here and there. However, I was always aware of where my next pay check was coming from. Not so much anymore. I am truly out in the cold wilderness of the unknown.

Nowadays, people keep asking me, “what the heck are you up to?”

My parents are wondering whether I have gone insane.

The parents of my friends are wondering if I have gone insane.

Can Dups feed himself? Is he okay? Oh heck, screw Dups, how’s his long suffering cat doing?

Let me put the rumours to an end. I am not selling my body on the streets of Montreal. But yes, I recently decided it was time to see what the hell all this “entrepreneurial” spirit is all about.

Now admittedly, I might actually be insane but really is that a surprise to anyone?

So let me answer the question as to what the heck I’m actually doing.

First and foremost, I’m taking on the challenge of leading a startup through its paces into the limelight. I wish I could get into exactly what it’s all about, but I can’t just yet. Suffice it to say it should be a bit of fun no matter which direction it goes in. If you have a pile of money or know some interesting tech-related investors get in touch with me and we’ll talk about Non-Disclosures and stuff like that.

Secondly, I want to take on numerous projects (programming, writing, photography and personal), that I have always wanted to do. Some of these involve trying to pay my way through some freelancing, some consulting and perhaps even some photography. Hopefully I’ve learned one or two things in life that might be of interest to someone out there and they might actually be willing to pay me for that knowledge and some hard work. The name of that little venture, I’ll divulge in the next few weeks, I’m just getting some logos finished for now.

Thirdly, I want to work on a couple of software projects that I’ve wanted to open source for years. This will also be done as part of the second thing for which I’m working on logos, so more details to come.

All this comes at a cost. It’s not a small one either. It means less of having what I want and doing a lot more with less. It means staring down that precipice of the unknown and having no choice but to downclimb with no idea of how or what’s actually below and to top it all off, there’s no sense of security in any part of the climb.

It’s scary and exciting all at the same time. It’s the same feeling I have when travelling and coming to a place and not knowing where I’m going to sleep, just magnified a few more times 😉

And this is where my most awesome friends come in. I often say how incredible my friends are. As I set down this path, the most amazing thing to me is how supportive all my friends are being and how helpful. I know that there will be days to come which will make me weep with frustration and I know that I’ll have friends who will stand by me on those days. No matter, success or fail, it’s the human spirit and kindness that truly make a difference in the world.

I hope this answers those questions about “what the heck am I up to?”


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