Empire Avenue at MySQL User Conference #Dolphinblood

The MySQL User Conference is always fun to attend. I joined MySQL AB after attending a conference and meeting some of the people and certainly over the years it’s been fun to come back not just as MySQL Employee, but also as a Sun Employee and certainly now as a member of the MySQL User Community once more. I have many memories from the conference, none more dazing than waking up on the first day of the 2009 conference to Oracle having bought Sun and with it MySQL.

This year Oracle asked me to join them in the opening keynote to talk from a customer and community perspective. Below is the text of what I said (this is what I wrote, what I gave in my usual speaking style was slightly abridged). Please hear my plea at the end, go MySQL, go MySQL Community!

“Thank you Tomas!

Hi folks, my name is Duleepa Wijayawardhana, better known as “Dups” and sometimes as Colin Charles’ twin!

Like a lot of you here, I am a developer who is passionate about data. I’m also passionate about games, economics and social media. So with that let me first introduce you to Empire Avenue.

At Empire Avenue we ask a simple question, if every connection you made cost money, who would you connect with and why? We are the world’s only Social Media Exchange where you can buy and sell anyone across the social web, all with virtual currency. We value your social engagement across platforms and create an economic paradigm for you to connect with people across 120+ countries. In return each of your “investments” will make money for you as they are active each day! So it’s part game, part social network and part tool where you can judge how you are doing in your social media prowess!

If you think about it, our data needs are somewhat distinct in that it combines a full on economy, social media analysis engine, game stuff and social network into one. It’s either data heaven or a data nightmare. Thankfully we have MySQL and you, the MySQL Community!

Now, part of me standing up here is that we in early December we ran into several issues with our databases which are hosted on the Rackspace Cloud. At the time we were at a loss as to what to do so we contacted a friend in Oracle/MySQL. And while we couldn’t immediately see the solution, and because we were down anyway, we said “hey look MySQL 5.5 is going to be GA in a few weeks, why don’t we upgrade to the latest RC”. So a little reluctantly we did just that, but we’re a company who likes to take risks (don’t do this at home folks).

I want to thank the engineers at InnoDB, MySQL, Oracle and also all the work that I know you folks in the MySQL community have done and given to Oracle to be included in MySQL 5.5

Overall almost instantaneously we saw a 25% improvement in our performance for our front end users. That’s not counting anything we do in the back end and our analysis stuff.

That’s huge for a small company that thought we’d need to start spending on more infrastructure at a time that we could not.

As Charlie Sheen would say #WINNING and #DOLPHINBLOOD

But our story isn’t just about MySQL Oracle. We’ve taken a concept that most people said was crazy and brought it to the world in less than a year, developed a community and an ecosystem and we’ve done it because of what you have all done. I could list 4 slides or more in small font with names from the MySQL community or Open Source Community. Our product would never have gotten to market, or we’d have had to spend the equivalent of one man year extra. This allows us to get to profitability faster and a loyal customer for all your services faster as well!

As with other companies that thought, say, 140 characters was enough for a service, we get to do insane cool things and create companies that change the world because of you and your hard work in the Open Source Community. I sincerely hope and encourage Oracle and the MySQL Community to continue to work together to create great products, great ideas and build out this ecosystem.

Go MySQL, Go MySQL Community!

Oh go and buy shares in me at EmpireAvenue.com”


One thought on “Empire Avenue at MySQL User Conference #Dolphinblood

  1. Dups, I especially appreciated reading this post since it was written before I started playing Empire Avenue. Based on talking with you yesterday, I can see how the game has shifted even since April.

    Who could have predicted 2 months ago I would stumble into a virtual stock exchange that now occupies an hour of my day!

    Thanks, I think, for creating Empire Avenue.


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