Full stack developer entrepreneur, CTO/CEO-type

I am a writer, a programmer, an entrepreneur, an explorer, a photographer but mostly just a passionate person. My passion is to create, whether it is to create a team that blows people out of the water, a company that tries something new and unheard of, or a product that I can be proud of. My passion is to try, whether it is to try and scale a mountain, try to give a speech or try to bring a smile to someone. My passion is to imagine, imagination is key to everyday life.

I have played roles at incredible companies from their formative years to their world domination eras: BioWare Corp (bioware.com) — acquired by Electronic Arts — creators of the greatest role-playing games ever, MySQL AB — acquired by Sun Microsystems — the creator of the world’s most successful and popular open-source databases.

I’ve founded companies with the smartest people I know, including Empire Avenue (empireavenue.com), one of the top 1000 websites in the world at one time which tried new ideas around gamifying social media and behaviours around monetizing ones reputation with funding from some of Silicon Valley and Canada’s leading venture capitalists and angels.

From startups like Green Elk (green-elk.com), creating a movement for movement in our busy lives, to my consulting through Svartkatz, to other companies that I am advising whether in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Helsinki, Finland or San Francisco, CA, it is all about the technology to inspire, communicate and change our thinking.